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Legislative Director Jack GeeDetective Jack Gee Ret. began his law enforcement career in 1980 in Tyler, Texas. In 1989 he left Tyler and continued his career in Ft. Lauderdale Florida until his retirement in 2011.

In 1997 Jack participated in a group of sting operations against suspected dirty pawnshops in the Ft Lauderdale area. The operation was very successful and picked up by the local newspaper and 60 minutes. The day after the 60 Minute episode aired the President of FLEPRU Jerry Vermett called and invited him to speak at the upcoming conference. Jack has been an active  and integral part of FLEPRU ever since.

In 2000 Jack became President of FLEPRU with Mike Jacobs from Indian River Police as his Vice President. FLEPRU has always had a presence in Tallahassee and during Jack’s tenure as President, FLEPRU increased its activity in Tallahassee. FLEPRU was able to pass a number of bills related to property crime and regulated businesses, authored by Jack Gee and other FLEPRU members, which benefited both law enforcement and the State of Florida.

Mitzi Perry came on board as Training Director ane together she and Jack created innovated trainings using hands on techniques. Today the Mock Pawnshop Inspection conducted at the conference is still one of the most popular and requested trainings that FLEPRU offers.

FLEPRU attendance doubled during the time Jack was President

Jack stepped down as President in 2010.



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