Legislative News

Today the Senate adopted HB105 and passed the bill by a 37-1 vote.

The bill has been laid on the table for the Speaker of the House and the Senate President to sign off on.

Once this is done the bill will be sent to Governor Crist for his signature.539.


Hello members!

It has been a very busy and good session for FLEPRU!

FLEPRU legislation, HB105 and SB 748, which was combined with SB556 and now know as SB 556, are flying though both chambers. HB105 has been heard by all committees and is awaiting a House floor vote, which should take place any day.

SB556 has one more committee stop before being sent to the Senate floor for a vote.

At this time there appears to be no problems with either bill. In the House we have over 20 co-sponsors and two committee sponsors. This has made for a smooth road for the bill.

To view the bill go to www.myfloridahouse.com. Once on the page look on the left of your screen for “Bill Finder” and type in 105. You will be able to see the bill in it’s entirety. However some of the highlights are you will now have a finger print, vehicle tag numbers and photographs of the property alone with a more detailed description of the property and the person selling the property. Also any transaction over $1000 can only be paid by check.

A Secondhand Metals Recycler who violates this act will now be charged with felony 3rd degree. It will also be a felony 3rd degree to operate as a metal recycler without being registered with DOR.

Rep Sandra Adams has also introduced HB799. The details of HB799 are as follows:

An act relating to the theft of copper or other nonferrous metals; creating s. 812.145, F.S.; providing definitions; providing that it is a felony of the first degree to knowingly and intentionally take copper or other nonferrous metal from a utility or communications services provider, thereby causing damage to the facilities of a utility or communications services provider or interrupting or interfering with utility or communications services; providing criminal penalties; providing an effective date.

The companion Senate Bill is 1384. Both of these bills appear to be flying through their respected chambers with no opposition.

Stay safe,

Bill Streator
FLEPRU Legislative Chair

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