Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail

The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail was formed in November 2008 by a group of Law Enforcement and Retail Loss Prevention professionals that saw the need for the formation of a partnership.

The following are our goals and objectives for this partnership;

  • To encourage mutual cooperation between all law enforcement agencies and retail corporations throughout the United States toward the goal of detection, prevention, and investigation of property crimes and the apprehension of the perpetrators.
  • To promote and encourage municipal, county, state, and federal organizations to create and support enforcement and detection units to combat property crime such as but not limited to; organized retail crime, fencing of stolen property, cargo theft, identity theft and fraud, burglary, theft, and organized property crime schemes.
  • To organize on a national basis those departments and associations who qualify for membership.
  • To accumulate and disseminate information of interest to all members in an effort to facilitate the duties of Law Enforcement and Retail property crime investigators.
  • To track and propose, both state and national legislation concerning property crime investigations as brought forth by individual states and organizations.
  • To encourage and promote state and other national associations that share similar goals as the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail.
  • To provide educational seminars to its members for the purpose of furthering the above enumerated objectives.


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